Oh man, im beat!

Oh man, im beat!

Hey readers, i gotta tell ya, I’m drained…

I have almost completed my projects and reports and all that other junk thats interfering with my precious anime. I guess I’ll just catch you up on whats been going on with me.
Well, for starters, i left Fiesta, more or less for good. My guild sorta disintegrated and I found a better free MMO to play….I mean waaay better. I’ll miss all my E-friends i made in Fiesta but they got my MSN so i hope they’ll use it. Besides, nothings ever forever.

...Cya around *StarDust*, it was fun.

...Cya around *StarDust*, it was fun.

Lets see, what else……oh yeah, I’m officially broke again, but i guess there’s nothing new there – . -‘ I really need to start lookin’ for a summer job to get some cash flowin’ in…but i get so wrapped up in my college stuff and anime and games that even if i could get i job, i doubt I’ll even enjoy it since I’d probably have to sacrifice a lot of my time on it, i barely have enough time as it is…

Ohh ohh!…i just started watching an anime called K-On and I’m already addicted, nothing makes you feel better than a “slice of life” anime like K-On. Its still not completely released so i have to wait before i can see past episode 9 which is a real downer since i was enjoying it so much. Some people think that just cause’ im a guy, the only animes i could possibly be interested in are ones with big robots or borderline hentai anime with plenty of T ‘n A……and, honestly, …..well, i do like those BUT, before you judge me….remember….I’M A GUY!

These chick's rock da block...awesome characters.

These K-On chick's rock da block...awesome characters.

This is another funny, cool bucha characters i love...The cast of Haruhi

This is another funny, cool bucha characters i love...The cast of Haruhi

ahh...the Lucky Star girls...who doesn't love 'em?

ahh...the Lucky Star girls...who doesn't love 'em?

Anyway, what i was gonna say was that people find it wierd that my favorite anime’s are always the “slice of life” kind, like Ouran, K-On, Piano, Kannagi, Onegai, Haruihi Suzumiya, Kyou no Gononi and, of course, Lucky Star. I don’t think its wierd at all, what do you think?


5 Responses

  1. Please make me your fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been a die hard fan of animes ever since I was a little girl… I can’t stop myself watching them up until now! OMG…
    you rock man!!!!!!

    • wow, a fan eh? o_O hehe, never had 1 of those b4 T_T wouldnt know wat ta do rofl. Im glad u liked my older posts. If i rock its only cuz anime rocks 😀

  2. WOw cool site man!! xD
    I recently began wathing Lucky Star and was looking for some wallpapers and found this site xD ty for the info on animes i’ve never heard of before K-ON and such xD
    keep on the good work plz?
    You rock man xD and Anime too!!

  3. Hi im new. this is my furst time leaveing a comment on a blog sight. anyway, what im trying to say is nice choices because i already saw them but also try watching kiss x sis it awsome they finally put the fisrt episode of the anime and its not the ova cause trust me i already saw it. anyway, u shouldn’t just watch those type of anime also try harem, romance, tragedy, supernatural, ecchi, and all the others out there. try some like Nogizaka Haruka no himitsu and its sequal Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza. try it you’ll love it.

  4. I LOVE LUCKY STAR!!!!! the strange thing is that konata is EXACTLY like me (except shes japanese and has blue hair) i literally haven’t found a difference

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