We're going to the pub, tra la la la laaaaaa!

We're going to the pub, tra la la la laaaaaa!

Being spontaneous is an interesting prospect to me, to do something just cause you feel like it, what a great thing…..to be able to have that much freedom and to be able to shun responsibility, or at least…that’s what it’s like in the anime’s, right.  Although it’s never quite like that in real life, i still decided to give it a go…y’know, being spontaneous, so i decided to ask everyone out for a drink to see what happened (OK, going for a drink isn’t that spontaneous….unless it’s 13:45 during a college day.) I wasn’t expecting everyone to say “Ok, sure….let’s go”, I was surprised.

So, it was decided and we set of on the beginning our drinking quest….

We arrived at “The Foot of the Walk” restaurant and bar at about 14:15 and we started our usual “talking about absolute crap” conversation which seems to follow us wherever we are, it’s not a bad thing, it just makes us sound crazy to other people. We drank there for most of the day….i think, nobody was actually keeping track of time.  The food smelled so good so i just had to grab some lunch(I had a meatball marinara chiabata, mmmm.).

Food....Drink....Why'd we leave here again??

Food....Drink....Why'd we leave here again??

After we had our fill at this place we decided to head to the student pub, “Barramans”. This is a great little pub, it’s strange, it has an atmosphere that would make it OK if a biker gang just walked in….but didn’t throw any bottles or chairs and just had a friendly drink.  A weird description, i know, but it’s the kinda pub you could just see everyone being “friendly to the point of creepy” in, or maybe it’s just me.  My friends decided to play a joke on me by telling the whole pub that i like “Coldplay”….i don’t (not much of a prank ’til you realise this is like a rock/metal pub…), they’ve only done like 5 songs that i like… and when i say like, i just mean i can just stand to listen to them…i can’t even name half of them. We like Barramans but sometimes you just need a place that pitch black and louder than the “Booing” at a Coldplay concert (Nya ha ha, see what i did there?).

So, next,we decided to go to “The Opium”, by this point we where more or less a little drunk (By a “little Drunk”, i mean stupid enough to try and unscrew a light bulb that’s been on all day…with your bare hands…). I don’t even think we where there that long or even why we went…. but wherever Steph goes, we go…or at least i see this as a general rule, it’s not like we could stop her from going somewhere, but if we let her go alone she’d probably forget about us and not come back. The Opium isn’t that good of a club anyway so we decided to go to “The Hive”, which is a much better club… i think, i don’t really do clubs so i couldn’t tell a good one from a bad one.

So, there we where….The Hive. By this point i was unable to deny the fact i was drunk, it’s a good thing i can keep my composure when i’m drunk. The club was dark, loud, crowded, we where all pissed and i was …happy, i guess.  Unfortunately, like at most clubs, there’s always someone trying to start a fight….and this time they wanted to start it with me and my friends. I don’t remember much about it, just doing a lotta shouting…..that’s about it.  I’m pretty sure the guy’s that were trying to fight me and my mate’s where kicked outta the club….good riddance to bad trash. By this point my friends Kenny and Steph, decided they where gonna head home, so it was just me and my mate Alex.

Somehow between the point when Kenny and Steph left, and when me and Alex decided it was time to call it a night, i managed to slice my hand open on something. I vaguely remember slapping a hand dryer because it wouldn’t work when i put my hands under it, but the mystery will never be solved because i don’t even remember the taxi ride home….i still remember paying for it though.

When will my cats learn not to wake me when hungover?!

When will my cats learn not to wake me when hungover?!

So that’s that, my day of spontinuity.  The day after was the real challange though, i had to get up for college but i was still a little drunk and my hand hurt like hell, not to mention the killer hang-over (Why do my cats always make the same mistakes, huh? Waking me up when i’m hungover, they shoulda learned by now).  Amazingly, everyone made it into college that day, i thought i was the only one geeky enough to go to college while feeling like that but i guess not…..Being spontaneous is a riskey business, isn’t it?


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