My Easter holidays have been really quiet. I didn’t have any plans and it seems neither did anyone else.  Most people would have been bored stiff, but i had my anime, woot woot, and i have watched it diligently.

I almost skipped this gem of an anime....

I almost skipped this gem of an anime....

Today i finished watching Ouran High School Host Club…..

When i started watching this, i thought it was ……a little weird at first, as if it was kinda Yaoi in nature…..towards the end of the first episode though, something happens to change my first impressions immediately, and i couldn’t stop laughing.  You should see this anime if you like that school comedy kinda thing, and who doesn’t?

Ouran is a very funny anime but it also has a good depth and character design is good.  Each character has a funny and interesting side so there’s plenty of quality in the story, so it’s really enjoyable.

I was also back on Fiesta today, i leveled again making me lvl 36. But it feels like gameplay is going soo slowly and is unreasonably difficult for a game thats just there for people to have fun in.  I’m starting to get irritated by the way Outspark do things, it just gets annoying.  Is my love for fiesta dieing??? Stay tuned and find out…..next week.


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  1. Hey! I’m glad you wrote about this anime, I’ve been dying to see it myself and it sounds gooooood. Hope you’re well and will speak to you tomorrow ^_^

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