The Lucky Star girls....

The Lucky Star girls....

Today i finally finished Lucky Star……and i wanted to cry, i never wanted it to end *sob…sob…*

Y’know what it’s like to just love a group of anime characters ( -.- …and i don’t mean like that you perv’s!), and then when you don’t get to see then in anything new you get a little sad because you miss it……. I feel nothing like that…. honestly… o.o ( LIES…LIES….I MISH YUU KONA-CHAN!!)

Anyone who'[s actually seen Lucky Star knows that she's just using YouTube as a cover for....something else...Ahh, Kona- chan.  The coolest depictation of an otaku ever… or should i say “Fujoshi”, a female otaku.  Every otaku likes to see a bit of themselves in her personallity, i know i do.  For Example, like Kona-Chan, i only ever really skimm when reading anime…. unless my PC is broken, then i’ll read it properly.  Other similarities are the way both of our characters destroy themselves by spending like 30 hours striaght on an MMORPG…

Her character is great and make’s people see many resemblences even if there really aren’t any obvious ones…. (^.^ awwe, if only i could meet a girl like that…), it’s just good character design at it’s best.

This was my wallpaper for like a year....thanx to whoever made it..XD

This was my wallpaper for like a year....thanx to whoever made it..XD

Sometimes i wander what the people who wrote for Lucky Star are like… I think they where either very anal about every word that went in the script… or are just a buncha friends sitting around, holding pens and notepads, having a laugh, writing whatever comes to mind…. Because, let’s face it people… nothing really happens in Lucky Star… and thats why it’s sooo successful.  The way the characters just mingle and talk and get on with their normal-ish lives… this is definately what we call a “slice of life” anime… no robots, no aliens, just normal-ish high schoolers…. Brilliant.


One Response

  1. XD
    Nice Picz~
    So which end of da chocolate shell bread is da head?
    Dat 2nd pic sure dont look rite…
    wheres her Rite hand?

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