Hey readers. Sorry about not posting in a while, but things have been tough this month.  A lack of money always brings me down a little.  I haven’t even been to the pub or had any kind of fun in weeks. Well, then again, I’ve had plenty of time to watch more anime….in fact i just finished watching “Vision of Escaflowne”.

escaflowne....the characters.

escaflowne....the characters.

My first impressions of escaflowne were that the animation looked  typically mid 90’s, but after watching it for a while, i was captured by the intriguing story line.  Now, I’m not the kinda guy that gives away the plot…..so I’m just gonna say that this is well worth watching.

King Va'an of Fenalia...(I'm just guessing at the spelling here,ok.)

King Va'an of Fenalia...(I'm just guessing at the spelling here,ok.)

Apart from watching a lotta anime, I’ve also been living in Fiesta for a looooong time.  Once i start playing that game….i just get so addicted to it and i’ll play for a whole day and not even realise it.  It really should come with a warning….like…”CAUTION!….USERS MAY EXPERIENCE TIME-LOSS”, or…..”WARNING!…SUITABLE FOR TIMELORDS ONLY”….or something like that.  Then again, what else is there to do without any money.  It’s not like i can go out and have a social drink with my buddies……i really hate being broke.

Well, it’s Easter today…..i’m not religious but even this day has meaning to me, though, not in a positive way.  I hate chocolate, you see ( don’t look at me like that!  o.O ), and today is the day everyone tries to give me it in egg form.  My friends can’t believe i hate chocolate, and i bet neither can you, but thats just what makes me….me i guess.  I’m not the devil or the anti-christ, i just prefer savory snaks over sweet ones…..like…corn chips or a sandwhich.



Oh….by the way, to make-up for my late posting, i added a new video’s page…..feel free to comment on it and even make a suggestion.  Hope you guy’s enjoy it.


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    This blog is pretty cool, I know i would be too lazy to do all this, lol

    – Swift Hobo

  2. oh, please, because it’s part of my course work i’m so restricted on wat i get to talk about……I DONT GET TO BE AS OTAKU AS I REALLY AM, IT’S OPRESSIVE AND DEPRESSING!!….*cries myself to sleep*…..i’ll catch u and kissy on the outspark forum profile thingy….

  3. law imma writein on both partz where ki-cwan and hobo~
    give me yer email~
    im otakuish as well so we can talk~
    lawl i didnt noe stu004749 was u so i didnt bother readin it
    yo and wat time u usually on anywaiiz?
    catch yer l8rz
    [continued recommondationz~]
    Lucky star, Azumanga Daioh,
    Kyo no go ni and Minami-ke or Minami-ke Okawari

    Kuro tag prt 2~
    <(^^ ^^)>
    (v^^v) (v^^v)
    (>^^)> <(^^<)

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