Well……I’ve fully recovered from my day on Friday.  The day started off overcast and miserable, but by noon it was like freakin’ Benidorm or something!  Not that i’m complaining or anything, it’s just…..i’m Scottish……i have a melting point of 10 degrees Celsius!  And because the weather changes every 20 minutes here, i wasn’t sure what to wear (I was wearing a big-ass jacket and two shirts, one over the other because the day started off cloudy and overcast.  I wasn’t expecting to be BBQ’d,  i thought i was gonna die of heat stroke ^^).

The Japanese gardens were very relaxing, there’s just something really surreal about big pink tree’s, the ‘Sakura’ cherry blossom trees where in season.  We didn’t stay long because we where all dying for a frostie pint at the beer gardens, it was that kinda day, so we left early and headed to the pub.


We walked to the pub from the Japanese gardens, so by the time we got there we were all seeing big bottles of beer, dancing in circles, tempting us with chilled beads of condensation dripping down their bottle-necks…………or maybe the heat finally got to me.  Either way, it was nothing a tall, icey beer didn’t fix.  It was soooo relaxing just sitting out in the sun with a tall one and some good company.

Then the sun started dipping behind the few clouds on the horizon, and we decided it was time to go…….until i mentioned to my friends that my local pub’s karaoke night was on a Friday night.  Before i could even try and talk them into going……i was practically dragged there by my friend, and so the plot thickened.


So….there we were. Me, my friend, and my friend’s girlfriend, at my local.  The sun was gone but the crazy heat stuck around.  My friends girlfriend decided to wear a low-cut top so for most of the night i looked like this….


and he looked like this……


…and she looked like this…


I know both of them where just trying to wind me up, because thats what they’re like, but still……..the pressure i felt……it was like my eye’s where trying to escape from my head…> . <

Karaoke didn’t start for another hour, so i decided to humilliate my friend at a game of pool, which i did in spectacular fashion.  The karaoke was pretty good, better than usual, or maybe it was just the company…..My friends girl sung a few songs, she’s quite talented,….but both me and him where to chicken to sing (I say this even though i was singing my ass off along with everyone else……).  We decided to call it a night once it had gotten quiet.  All in all, it was a pretty good day.


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