Yaaaaay!  I just recieved my first comment and i’m extastic. I’m happy that some people are actually reading this. 🙂

Anyway….down to business.

This week has been one of ….um….goodness.  Kinda vague, i know, but all i have done this week is download and watch new anime.  I finally caught up on my work and am relieved of a lot of pressure so now i can chillax and play Fiesta as much as i want.

I’ll tell you guy’s a little bit about the anime I’ve been watching over the last couple of days.  I’ve actually finished watching both series of this anime already so I’m on the prowl for something new.


This is the anime, Onegai – Please Teacher.  I was pessimistic that this would be a good anime because of the title, but the more Otaku i become, the more i realise that “You cant judge a doushinji by it’s cover”.  I think that’s how the saying goes.  It’s only 13 episode long but has a lot of quality to the animation and the storyline has been thought out well.  It’s as funny as it is emotionally involving and i really recommend this for a laugh.


Please Teacher, however, has a counter part series called Onegai – Please Twins.  Following a different storyline set 2 years after the events of Please Teacher, Please Twins is a story about estranged family and an awkward love triangle.  With just as much laughs as Please Teacher, i wish it ran longer.  Then i could continue watching it.  But, as all otaku know, a good series has to come to an end somehow, or else it’ll get stale and the experience tarnished.

My friends and i are gonna go to the Japanese gardens on Friday and have a little fun at the nearby beer garden.  My two favorite kinds of garden in the world.  I think Friday’s going to be memorable, or not……depends how much we drink.  I’ll let you know how it  goes.


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  1. Works well in place of the liner in most running shorts. Klotz Garden

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