This game.......it's like a black hole.  Not even time can escape it.

This game.......it's like a black hole. Not even time can escape it.

Y’know, if i’m not carefull with my time, i’m gonna fall behind so much that i won’t be able to catch up with any work.  I have caught up a little, but now that i have discovered a free online mmorpg that is styled like an anime, my time has become very sparse.

Sometimes i think i should get my priorities straight……..and then i remember i already have.  Life without Anime or Games is very boring to me, and if i’m bored i can’t concentrait, and if i can’t concentrait i can’t get my work done.  My friends don’t understand how i can watch so much anime since there are only 24hrs in a day.  The way i look at it is that i need anime to function properly in my day to day routine.

And this game Fiesta, it’s crazy!  I say it’s crazy because it eats time!  I can start playing this game on a Friday, and literally, before i know it, it’s Tuesday again and i need to go to college.  It is a hell of a good game though.


5 Responses

  1. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  3. I agree with not judging a title by its cover, at least not quality-wise. I’ve read/watched some stuff that looked absolutely horrible, but turned out to be quite enjoyable.

    ~ Will be checking into that Fiesta game since I need a non-PS3 online timewaster XD

  4. eee…. me encanta Narutoo lo amoo eszperoo q loo sigan paszabndo en laa tele noormal y porfaa noo le digaaan q no a naruto

  5. OMG i started playing this a few days ago LOL its so addicting ^^

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