Well, I’m still behind on my posts and have just been told I’ll need at least 30 in order to complete this unit. That doesn’t sound to hard but I’m not that much of a talker.  My last post was rather exceptional to that rule…..but i was somewhat drunk at the time(It was the drink talkin, not me..even if i agree with what it said…^^).  I have a habit of posting while intoxicated.  The last time i did something like that, i confessed my undying love to someone on a website called Chatango.  The plus side is she knows what I’m like when pissed so there where no ramifications, except for my embarrassment.

I think i may have conquered my Trojan infestation, my explorer.exe process problem seems to have disappeared, for now.


I finally finished downloading my 50GB worth of Naruto anime, I wanted to find out if it was good or not.  I haven’t made a decision yet.  I also got the Vampire Knight and Vampire Night – Guilty series, but haven’t seen them either so i also haven’t made a judgment on those ….yet.


I did, however, finally finish watching Death Note and i have to say…..it is an incredible anime.  It has such a deep and imaginative story line that i haven’t seen the likes of since i watched Wolfs Rain.  Basically, the quality of Death Note is an achievement on it’s own and should be viewed by anyone reading this post.

Ugh!…I’m sorry, I really have to stop doing this……..anytime i talk about anime i start commenting on it and analysing it, as if my opinion even matters.  But it is my biggest passion so i just can’t help myself sometimes^^.


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