Ahhh…Japan! I LOVE YOU!….And i’m gonna tell you readers why.  Take a look over the past 30 years and just look at what this tech-advanced nation has given us. Every time we think of something, they make us a better, cheaper, more compact and more reliable version.  Plus, they gave us Anime and Manga, the most amazingly varied forms of entertainment on the planet, matched only by Japans quirky games industry (don’t judge me).

A country that gave us a way to embarrass ourselves while drinking out, the humble karaoke machine, that i have rocked once or twice on my streets local boozer, a pub that owe’s it’s success to a nation of up-tight business men who know how to kick back and relax after a hard day’s work.

Japan is like Britain’s older yet more immature cousin that we hardly ever see anymore, except for during the crazy drunkenness at the annual UN Xmas party.  The solution?…..Bring them closer together by adopting some of there crazy culture.  But i don’t even need to suggest that, ’cause its already happening the world over.  We Otaku have spread the gospel of anime throughout the net, and the world is listening.


I read in a science magazine, (ugh!….even I think that sounds too geeky) that i found while waiting in the college library, (oh man!, now it sounds like i just hang out in the library. I don’t, i was waiting for a friend!) that Asimo, the worlds most technologically advanced, bipedal robot is coming to my home town of Edinburgh for the science festival.  I can’t wait to go see it, it’s so kawaii, it make’s me sound kinda gay when i talk about it.

I’m sooo gonna go see it as soon as it gets here.


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