TROJAN!?! KILL THE TROJAN!!!!!Dammit. I really have fallen behind on my work now, and it’s all because of that son of a glitch “Vundo” trojan.  A severe trojan that not only add’s spyware and cookie trackers to your computer, but also causes your explorer.exe process to go insane……Seriously, it’s all i can do to keep my computer functioning, let alone remove Vundo.  I’ve tried every free option i could think of and nothing has worked so far.

Arrrrgh…..I know i’m gonna get chewed out by my tutors for falling behind, but my computer is my most prized possesion.  I know what your thinking,”Get your priorities straight, man.”.  Well, i already know i’m being stupid, but……my PC is the HUB of my entertainment and without it i have nothing to stay amused.  And, not to sound kinda cliche, you wouldn’t like me when i’m board.

So, basically, i’ve been getting my ass handed to me by Vundo ever since it attached itself to my computer. I swear….. my computer can handle millions of calculations a second, but it’s dumb enough to fall for a trojan horse attack.  If thats not a perfect vision of irony, i don’t know what is.

If anyone actually reads this blog and has a valid opinion of my next course of action, feel free to leave a comment of advice. Thanks.


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