are-you-sickWell, here we are again, another Wednesday, and I’m absent from college again. At this rate their going to think I’m playing truant. but once again I’m feeling like……..rubbish. my head hasn’t stopped spinning since yesterday evening and it’s making me sick as a dog. My friend Kenny could even testify to how bad i was yesterday. he came around to my place to get some of my manga and have a drink, but it wasn’t quite as fun as we hoped because of the way i was feeling. i thought i might be feeling like this because i put to much strain on my eyes and that i would be as right as rain by now, but unfortunately,  I’m not that lucky.

I’m just going to take it easy today, and we’re off college tomorrow, so i should be ready for Friday. i hope. until then it’s of to sleepsville for me.


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