This is my college.....pretty kool, but small by other countries standards.

Just another day of education, nothing really worth writing about. We started another new class today, Information systems, tutored by Alison. I wish i could say it was the most amazing class of 2009 that I’ve had so far……i wish could say that, but the fact is that it is as boring as it sounds.  At least we’re not being taught by some frigid, overly strict tutor….Alison is actually quite alright.

Although i must say i wish i could just jump straight to Friday, then we could start our Game Design course properly.  I knew, as i’m sure everyone else did, that we had to be prepared to take the bad with the good, the boring technical classes with the fun, actually interesting ones.  But the longer i remain a student, the more i realise that all classes are important to progress.  All i have to do is look forward to completing this course so that i can advance into further education and hopefully, in the next few years, receive my HNC or HND. (HNC/HND = good qualifications = good job = lotsa money = more and more anime ^_^)


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