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Hey, this my avatar. im really attached to it cuz it looks how i feel mostly =)

Hi, I’m Gray.  This is, of-course, not my real  photo (well duh!), but rather an avatar i’m using….(I’m just shy….i’m not at all ugly…..honestly.)  I don’t really need an avatar but…….i think it looks cooler than i do, kind of cooler….just a little bit anyway.

Dis iz the real me....i'll let yuu decide wats better.

Dis iz the real me....i'll let yuu decide wats better.

Well, lets get started. I guess I’ll start by telling you a little bit about myself.  I am a college student studying IT (computer stuff…), was that predictable?…no matter.  I spend half my week studying there, or rather, I spend that time goofing off with my friends.  My friends are not Otaku, which makes our friendship all the more……unlikely.  I can talk to them about normal stuff, in a non-obsessive way, as long as i don’t get to into the discussion, we can talk quite comfortably about anime or games.  That’s only because both of them play games, sometimes, but only one of them watches anime, which makes him the guy i talk with mostly……..but he still isn’t Otaku, so sometimes I’ll loose him in the middle of a discussion…..y’know the scenario, right?  Your talkin’ with your buddy and then their eye’s will start to glaze over and by the time you finished speaking, they’ve completely lost track and have a blank exspression on their face, kinda like this….confused

Anyway, let’s get this post wrapped up.

I’ll do my best to post often and entertain…..but honestly, this blog is just a way for me to vent my crazy otaku-ness. (That’s not a real word, but you get my meaning, right?)


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  1. Ha ha,duuude. My name’s Gray too. 😀 No,i didnt steal it from you,i promise XD im not an otaku exactly..but i do love anime 😀 I’m still in highschool tho. which i guess makes you my senpai :O 😀 :3 you seem cool ^^

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