Hello world!

I made this with pain.NET using two other images. Nice, huh?

I made this with pain.NET using two other images. Nice, huh?

Let me start by welcoming you to my little blog, I appreciate your visit.  You have either chosen to read this blog because you…..A: are just browsing……….B: are also a fan of anime…..or……..C: your simply curious…  Well, the point of my blog is to tell you just how I live and what i get up to as an Otaku.  I’ll be honest here, there’s a good chance you will start to think I’m a little boring, or crazy…..or both. ^_^

Then again, if you find it even vaguely interesting, you might be inspired….only to watch more anime, but still……anyway…I hope you enjoy my posts.

I hope that readers of this blog will leave me lotsa comments, ok.


4 Responses

  1. NEKO!!!! omg i misssshh yuuuuu come back D::
    no halo, halo bad!! ~spanks hobo~ dont listen to him! he ish the devil in disquise lawl no really, please come back to fiesta, ive been looking for you but i never see you, and i miss you T^T come play with me again…


    • Huh!? o.O wen did i give u guy’s my blog address???? oh well, i have been on recently but everytime i go u guy’s r not there and i gets bored.

  2. XD
    … -silence- …
    so umm… yer…
    come bak 2 FIESTA brutha~
    we we’re lyk dis —> *finger cross*
    n now we’re breakin apart~
    lawl n i join bak 2 *stardust*
    so come bak and eat my STARDUST~~

    newaiiz ur gonna hav 2 put iin sum GINTAMA!!!
    Ouran High School Host Club, Blassreiter and Nabari No Ou is Good 2 yer noe~

    Kuro tag~ >>>
    [‘ ‘] s2-Kuro-s2
    ( ).

  3. ei! o.O i enjoyed reading ur cool anime diary of ur lyf wahahahahk here we go again im n my crazy thng.. anywyz.. i hope u wll add me in ur frnd list.. im anime fanatic. LOL rofl hahahahk arigatou gusaimas!^.^ \m/ yeah

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