are-you-sickWell, here we are again, another Wednesday, and I’m absent from college again. At this rate their going to think I’m playing truant. but once again I’m feeling like……..rubbish. my head hasn’t stopped spinning since yesterday evening and it’s making me sick as a dog. My friend Kenny could even testify to how bad i was yesterday. he came around to my place to get some of my manga and have a drink, but it wasn’t quite as fun as we hoped because of the way i was feeling. i thought i might be feeling like this because i put to much strain on my eyes and that i would be as right as rain by now, but unfortunately,  I’m not that lucky.

I’m just going to take it easy today, and we’re off college tomorrow, so i should be ready for Friday. i hope. until then it’s of to sleepsville for me.



Why....Why must the strings of my fate be constantly pulled by the hands of despair?

Why....Why must the strings of my fate be constantly pulled by the hands of despair?

Well, I don’t think today’s post is going to be very interesting.  After all, I’m not even in college today.  Last night I hurt my knee so I can’t really go anywhere.

And even worse than the knee thing……my hard drive isn’t working.  To be honest, it hasn’t really been that good of a start to the week! (Think about it people!! Here i am, i have a free day off college…..and i can’t even watch my anime….AAAAAHHH!!  Kill Me NOW, Please…..)

The only bright side to all of this is that I can still get some of my work done at home.  I still can’t believe my hard drive is dead already…it’s practically brand new.  I should be able to get a  replacement or refund, I want the replacement.

I don’t have much else to say now so i think i’ll leave it at that.




I don’t exactly know what to talk about today, since nothing has really changed since yesterday.  I had to get up earlier than usual because i was woken by the sound of my external hard drive crunching, i almost had a fit.  I decided to try and repair it before i left for college.  It turned out to just be a rotating problem with the fan and was easily fixed.

I CAN FEEL THE POWER, MWAHAHAHA!!.....Um..i mean, sure, i'll gladly represent the class..

I CAN FEEL THE POWER, MWAHAHAHA!!.....Um..i mean, sure, i'll gladly represent the class..

The only other slightly interesting thing that happened today was that i became the official “second” Student Representative (No!!…i don’t mean vice rep, we have the same position….i think.)  It is now him and I who will voice the opinion of the class (Mwahahaha!….).  It was decided that the last “Second President” was not doing an adequate enough job and was relieved from his role by a class vote.  Sucks for him…..but it works for me.  That’ll be two extra credits please (That’s not my reasons for doing this….honestly).

Besides, it might be fun to do…. ?



This is my college.....pretty kool, but small by other countries standards.

Just another day of education, nothing really worth writing about. We started another new class today, Information systems, tutored by Alison. I wish i could say it was the most amazing class of 2009 that I’ve had so far……i wish could say that, but the fact is that it is as boring as it sounds.  At least we’re not being taught by some frigid, overly strict tutor….Alison is actually quite alright.

Although i must say i wish i could just jump straight to Friday, then we could start our Game Design course properly.  I knew, as i’m sure everyone else did, that we had to be prepared to take the bad with the good, the boring technical classes with the fun, actually interesting ones.  But the longer i remain a student, the more i realise that all classes are important to progress.  All i have to do is look forward to completing this course so that i can advance into further education and hopefully, in the next few years, receive my HNC or HND. (HNC/HND = good qualifications = good job = lotsa money = more and more anime ^_^)



Today was a surprisingly good day. We started a new class at college today, it was the long awaited Games Design course. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but i was pleasantly surprised. It would appear that the game we are going to try and emulate is a game i am quite familiar with, Neverwinter Nights.

A game based on the “Dungeons and Dragons” rules of gameplay, I first played a few years ago and still have to this day. I was never really that into the game but it beats dying of boardom just listening to someone talk about it. For the first few week’s we get to play the game in order to get aquainted with it……Sounds good to me. I can’t wait to get stuck into it in the future.


I also just recently finished watching another anime series. It was called Elfen Lied.  I can hrdley express how much i loved this animei  It is short, but when it comes to anime, it’s quality over quantity that you should be looking for, and this anime certainly had stockpiles of quality.


I still have loads more unseen anime, but i think it may take a while to find something as good as this was.  Then again……i do love most anime’s which makes them kinda hard to critisize, so i think i’ll leave it at that.


My Avatar

Hey, this my avatar. im really attached to it cuz it looks how i feel mostly =)

Hi, I’m Gray.  This is, of-course, not my real  photo (well duh!), but rather an avatar i’m using….(I’m just shy….i’m not at all ugly…..honestly.)  I don’t really need an avatar but…….i think it looks cooler than i do, kind of cooler….just a little bit anyway.

Dis iz the real me....i'll let yuu decide wats better.

Dis iz the real me....i'll let yuu decide wats better.

Well, lets get started. I guess I’ll start by telling you a little bit about myself.  I am a college student studying IT (computer stuff…), was that predictable?…no matter.  I spend half my week studying there, or rather, I spend that time goofing off with my friends.  My friends are not Otaku, which makes our friendship all the more……unlikely.  I can talk to them about normal stuff, in a non-obsessive way, as long as i don’t get to into the discussion, we can talk quite comfortably about anime or games.  That’s only because both of them play games, sometimes, but only one of them watches anime, which makes him the guy i talk with mostly……..but he still isn’t Otaku, so sometimes I’ll loose him in the middle of a discussion…..y’know the scenario, right?  Your talkin’ with your buddy and then their eye’s will start to glaze over and by the time you finished speaking, they’ve completely lost track and have a blank exspression on their face, kinda like this….confused

Anyway, let’s get this post wrapped up.

I’ll do my best to post often and entertain…..but honestly, this blog is just a way for me to vent my crazy otaku-ness. (That’s not a real word, but you get my meaning, right?)

Hello world!

I made this with pain.NET using two other images. Nice, huh?

I made this with pain.NET using two other images. Nice, huh?

Let me start by welcoming you to my little blog, I appreciate your visit.  You have either chosen to read this blog because you…..A: are just browsing……….B: are also a fan of anime…..or……..C: your simply curious…  Well, the point of my blog is to tell you just how I live and what i get up to as an Otaku.  I’ll be honest here, there’s a good chance you will start to think I’m a little boring, or crazy…..or both. ^_^

Then again, if you find it even vaguely interesting, you might be inspired….only to watch more anime, but still……anyway…I hope you enjoy my posts.

I hope that readers of this blog will leave me lotsa comments, ok.